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April 02 2005, 05:55 PM
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The heart shaped key bearer and the mysterious event
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Cardcaptor Sakura Themed Story
Chapter 6: Hoppy; part 1
(by Michimo-chan, added on 2007-08-10 16:49:03 AEST) [Discussion Topic]

Please e-mail me so I know if I'm doing good or not! Oh,
and Reshon italicized means she's talking to Shashi telepathically.
Vise versa. And sorry about the short chapters...
Jessy(looking a bit saddened): Oh... Well... Hoppy was my pet and...

*Jessy stops*

Reshon: ?....Wait. Are you saying that "Hoppy" died?
Jessy: No. He ran away. But I took a picture of him so I'll always remember him.
Reshon: Ah......
Shashi: Why don't you find out who it is, Reshon old friend?
Reshon: Why?
Shashi: Knowing you, I'm sure that you'll broad over it if you don't do something and if that happens we'll never be able to find out whether what Wong Reed said was true or not.
Reshon: Ummm.. Little girl, what's your name?
Jessy: Jessy miss wolf. What's yours?
Reshon: *flinches a bit* Reshon. Plain Reshon. Anyways, I was hoping I can see that picture of Hoppy you have.
Jessy: Sure. It may have been for about 2-3 years since I last saw him but, there may still be hope. *she smiles softly*

*Jessy goes into her house and rummages her only picture of Hoppy she had* *brings it to Reshon*

Jessy: Here. Have you every seen it?
Reshon: *looks at the picture* !!! This is-----

To be contiued...
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