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April 02 2005, 05:55 PM
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The heart shaped key bearer and the mysterious event
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Cardcaptor Sakura Themed Story
Chapter 7: Hoppy; part 2
(by Michimo-chan, added on 2007-08-11 16:12:37 AEST) [Discussion Topic]

Meh. Please tell me what's bad and good! I wanna know!!! X3 Oh yeah, I'm going to edit the first 4 chapters into script form too.
I also do NOT OWN any characters/chant (from Maze; Mega burst space) with the exception of Reshon & Shashi.
It seems to make the story a bit more interesting, I'll be putting in some English stuff in here as well as random anime "parodys".
So if you don't understand something, look at wikipedia.
Jessy(excitedly/happy): You've seen Hoppy before haven't you?!

*Reshon remains speechless*

Reshon(suprisingly): The DASH card!!!
Shashi(suprisingly): What's it doing here?!
Jessy: Well? Do you?
Reshon: I have to say that it might have not run away at all.... Jessy, umm.... Can you keep a secret?
Jessy: Of course.
Reshon: You aren't freaked out about my ears, right?
Jessy: No! Of course not! I Love them!
Reshon: You don't find it strange, then?
Jessy: Why would I?
Reshon: Then lets see if I can show you a friend of mine, and if all goes well, I can help you.
Jessy: Okay. Anything for Hoppy.
Reshon: Alright....

*Reshon's black diamond shaped jewel that contained Shashi glowed with bright lights*

Reshon: Ruru varna hai famun ra fu... I summon thy heavenly beast to fulfill our wishes.... Come, Shashi!!!

Lights shone brightly, and when the lights shimered down, Shashi could be of view.

Jessy: Wow....
Shashi: What do you think, girl?
Jessy: That was amazing....
Shashi: Hmmm... Did you by chance see any other of this "amazing" stuff?
Jessy: No this is my first time.
Shashi: Then she doesn't have any conection to the clow mistress then or just haven't seen her magic...

*Reshons looks at Shashi*

Reshon: Anyways, Shashi, can you get a bit of the DASH's--- I mean "Hoppy's" soul into a ordinary cat with the appearance of it's released form as Jessy has seen it?
Shashi: A bit risky considering that it's in the clow mistress's hands, but it can work. That is, IF the DASH, er---Hoppy is willing to return to this Jessy kid.
Reshon: Okay Jessy, we have a plan to get Hoppy back, but there is a small chance it will work. Me and Shashi, my partner, will do what we can to get Hoppy back even with the odds against us. We will call you out if it works or not.
Jessy: Oh... Okay... I didn't understand mostly of what you said, but if there's any thing I can do, especially running, I can and will do it for Hoppy.
Shashi: Actually, there is a way you can help... Give use a picture of yourself.
Jessy: Okay, but what for...?

To be continued...
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