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April 02 2005, 05:55 PM
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The heart shaped key bearer and the mysterious event
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Chapter 1: Reshon
(by Michimo-chan, added on 2006-02-27 16:17:56 AEST) [Discussion Topic]

DOOOOOOOOO\"NTTTTT SUE ME.Im just a free loaner kid....Well okay,
I\'m not a free loaner kid,but I\'m just a 12 year old girl that\'s in middle school
from Rincon,7th grade.So DON\'T SUE ME!!!
As Sakura was "flying" though the air, as Syaoran was getting into a "catching position".
Luckly, Sakura ploped softly into Syaoran's arms."What the heck do you think you're
doing, Sakura?!"Syaoran asked.Sakura giggled, then blushed and looked at him with her
glowing emarald eyes and said, "Well, what do you think?I wanted to be in your arms
right away, Syaoran!I just couldn't wait for the stairs to come back..."She giggled again.
"Heh..You never change, do you Sakura?"Syaoran said, cuddling Sakura in his
arms softly.Then Syaoran looked up and said, "Hey, Sakura, look: the stairs came
back.So did every thing else that disappeared.See, I told you to just wait!"And
just as he said, every thing came back to normal."Well Sakura, Are you still strong enough
to summon the FLOAT card?"asked Syaoran."Yeah."replied Sakura.
Sakura took out her staff and and the FLOAT card."FLOAT!!!"
With that, Sakura and Syaoran slowly came back to the bottom off the clock tower.

However,something glinted in the far distance when Sakura and Syaoran landed.
Syaoran(with more magic than Sakura for the time being because of all the magic
Sakura had used up)was able to sense danger coming.
Without warning, Syaoran said, "Get behind me,Sakura." "Why?"Sakura asked; for she didn't
reliaze the magic presence."Just do it!"Syaoran
said."Come on out you!"shouted Syaoron sheilding Sakura."Hmmpt.."said
??????.(we don\'t know the name yet) The strange and unkown person who appeared to be a teanage girl,
had a big black robe with a hood on, and for some strange reason, there was a wolfish aura(literally!
"What do you want?!"asked Syaoran.

"..."?????? remained queit. "I repeat! What do you want!?"Syaoran said."I want to.... .... Fight!!!!!!"shouted ??????
?????? jumped at them and took out a sword(much like Sakura's SWORD card, exept
the wing was a little "jaded")out of nowhere as well.(see the keyblade from KH)

"Well, if it's a sword fight you want, it's a sword fight you got!"Syaoran said.And with that,
Syaoran started charging at her head on with his sword in his hands.
"Yes, once I eliminate you, I can procede with advenging "mother".?????? whispered to herself; right
before Syaoran's and her swords clashed.Unfortunally, they were both even in strenght; their swords were
machted evenly.Then they both rebounded and clashed again.However, this time, Syaoran seemed at
a disadvantage.?????? saw that his defenses were weakening and smirked.She thought, "Huh.This
may end more sooner then I thought it would...And I actually thought he was strong!"
Then once more they rebounded and this strike seemed to decide the winner, for they were both running
at full speed.They clashed once more.This time Syaoran was pushing her back.This
move got ?????? off guard termendously.Syaoran took note of this and took the chance to
push her to the ground.

Then holding his sword to her neck, Syaoran asked, "Who the heck are you?!Tell us your name!!!"
Feh.My name is Reshon.... ... ..." she said.

As Reshon spoke these words, Syaoran didn't notice, but Reshon was drawing her sword closer
to her(for the sword was knocked to her side).When it was too late, Reshon quickly took her
sword so she could knock Syaoran's sword out of his hand.However, Reshon had forgotten all
about Sakura(who was still recovering).Sakura said, "ERASE,come to Syaoran's aid by erasing
Reshon's sword...ERASE!!!"

Before Reshon can react, her sword was gone!However, this was not going to stop Reshon.
Reshon resoponded by runing outside of the tower and into the open.
"What the!?"Syaoran said.But without skiping a beat, Syaoran ran after her.
"Matte, Syaoran!"Sakura yelled after him.But Sakura couldn't run as fast, due to the last battle, Sakura was still worn out.
As Syaoran ran to find Reshon, he thought, "Sakura is still tiered from dealing with the sealed card...
I must battle for her!"

Syaoran looked around once more.Then, he heard a familar summoning spell, but he just
couldn't think where he heard it before...Then Reshon's familar cocky voice came out.
He sensed Reshon's presence and turned around.
"Come my gardian beast!Shashi!"A orange, big nine-tailed fox came, with a crest on it's fore head that seemed to be on fire.
In other words, it looked a lot like Ceroberus(wings were light blue and red).The only REAL differnce is that's it's a female.
On Shashi's left hind leg, it was spelling it's name on it\'s left hind leg in japanese,while on it's
right hind leg, was spelling out the words flame and fire in kanji.

"What's up this time, Reshon?" Shashi asked.Just as Shashi said these words, Sakura appeared.
Reshon pointed at Sakura and said, "We have to avenge mother, and Sakura right there is the target!"
"It's about time!Okay...It's time to die Sakura!"yelled Shashi.Shashi went past Syaoran and went directly

Well,I'm so very angry at myself for accendentally closing the window that was containg all my
hard work that took me like,nearly all moring to intil now*sob**SOB!!*And it was so good to!!!
I couldn't do it again 'cause there was no time.There was only enough time to type all this!
I hoped you enjoyed the first chapter.But if it were me,I'd be dissapointed.And soooo...

Chapter 2: Another enemy
(by Michimo-chan, added on 2006-03-29 15:36:07 AEST) [Discussion Topic]

"Watch out, Sakura!"Syaoran said.Even though Shashi went pass Syaoran,
Syaoran was able to get in Shashi's way.Shashi came at (Shashi thinking it was Sakura) and bit him on the arm."Aghh!!!"shouted Syaoran"SYAORAN!!!!"
Blood was seeping out of his arm."Syaoran, are you ok?"Sakura asked as she came running to him.
"Yeah, I'm ok."repiled Syaoran."Syaoran took the hit for me..."Sakura whispered.Sakura then
shouted,"How could you!"Sakura tried to reson with Reshon.Syaoran got up staggering towards Reshon and
Syaoran said,"We never did anything to you!Why are you attacking us?!""Hmmmm...."Reshon
thought for a moment.She thought,"Why should I tell them of how my revenge is directed to Sakura,
the renicarnation of Clow Reed?"
"You should know!"Reshon shouted."But how will we say gomen to you
if you won't tell us what we did wrong!Come on!"Syaoran said.

This is where Reshon got ticked off.She took out a golden heart that
rested on a golden chain.She recited words so very low,that Sakura & Syaoran couldn't hear.She then
said,"Unlock the seal!"A magic circle had a heart in the middle.It had strange markings on
it as well.There was a big light,and in the middle of the bright light,there was a
staff.It was very differnt, yet similar from Sakura's staff.Reshon's staff had a big red heart on the top of the staff.The heart
had silver wings on both sides of the heart.On the top of the heart,was a sort of golden crown.The heart
it self was resting on a topaz looking like a diamond's "cone" has been cut off.Right below the topaz, there
was a six sided star that was see through(and was in a possion just like Sakura\'s star).The staff's long part was saffire
and ruby colored-like.On the bottom of the staff,there was a real diomond shined,cut,and polished.

"It's time to get a little tougher..."Reshon said to Shashi.Shaishi nodded.Reshon then said a couple of more words.After she finshed,
Shashi dissappeared seemingly into the staff.The staff\'s wings then turned fire-like apone Shashi's enter.
Reshon recited more words.Seconds after, a combonation of fire ,ice,and lighting came
shooting out of the crown of the staff.Unfortunally,Syaoran was still too tierd from the battle of the now
named "Hope card".To make matters worse,he got bitten by Shashi.Syaoran couldn't move for the time being.
All he could do was kneel down."NOOOO!!SYAORAN!!!"Sakura shouted.Sakura knew that he couldn't move.Sakura was lucky that her staff
was still out.She took the shield card and summoned
it to protect Syaoran.I mean,after all,Sakura loves Syaoran.\\\"SHIELD!\\\"Sakura called out.

"Not good 'nuff!!"Reshon said,with a smirk on her face.Sakura relized that she was right.She could see
that the shield was losing power.Sakura quickly ran over though shield and stood protectivly over Syaoran.
She was just in time,for the shield broke as soon as she came to Syaoran."AHHHHHHHHGGG!!"Syaoran didn't realize
what happened to Sakura intil he heard her cry in pain as the shot ment to hurt him, hurt Sakura instead.
"SAKURAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Syaoran shouted.He ran to her, ingnoring the pain that burned in his arm.
"Sakura!Sakura!Are you okay?!"Syaoran said, holding her in his arms."Her injuries are bader than mine...And she's barly breathing...."
Syaoran said to himself
Syaoran stood up and glared a death glare at Reshon.\\\"You.........\\\"

All of a sudden she looked up at the sky,as if looking at a new enemy.At the same time she looked up at the
sky,and at that time, Ceroberus' voice, along with the others' voices,rang out(for Yue and Ceroberus were able to sense that Sakura
was in troble)."Awww...Time to go already?"Reshon said
"What did you say?!?!"Syaoran said.Shashi appeared again as soon as the staff dissapered.
"Well you're lucky.Your friend,Ceroberus is it not?"said Shashi
"Come on Shashi,lets go befor they appear."Reshon said.Reshon climbed appon Shashi and they flew away.
"Wait!How do you know about Ceroberus?!"Syaoran shouted.Syaoran tried to hit both Reshon and Shashi with his sword, but it was too late.
Syaoran couldn't hit them."grrrrr....."Syaoran said, angry that he couldn't hit them.Syaoran then went over to Sakura."They'll pay for this.....They'll pay for what they did to Sakura.."
He had to save Sakura.He was about to carry Sakura,but he didn't have to.Ceroberus,Yue,Tomoyo and Melin show up.
"What happened?!?!"They all shouted when they saw Sakura unconsius.

Well there you have it.The second chapter!Hoped you injoyed it!

Once again,don't sew me,I'm just a little 12 year old kid that acts like a 6 year old...
*Goes down on knees*PLEASE I BEG OF YOU!!!!!*looks at you you with puppy-dog-eyes and whines*
Well,see you next chapter!

Chapter 3: Recovery:part 1
(by Michimo-chan, added on 2006-05-11 13:57:37 AEST) [Discussion Topic]

"Sakura, Sakura!Please wake up!"Syaoran kept on saying."Oh Sakura..."said Tomoyo in a worred voice."Sakura.."said Melin slowly.

"Grrrr....Who was that?!"asked Yue and Ceroberus."I don't know.All I do know is her name, Reshon"Syaoran repiled.As
Syaoran said this, he couldn't help but cradel Sakura in his arms.
The very thought of him not being able to protect Sakura made matters worse."Grrrrr...."said Syaoran
He then huged her more tightly."I WILL protect you Sakura...I won't let my guard down like
last time.I won't let you get hurt again no matter what!"Syaoran said to himself detrimly.

While Syaoran was making this "vow" to himself and to the unconsius Sakura,Kero was thinking hard.Very hard.
"Hmm.. Reshon..Where have I heard that name before..."Kero asked himself outloud as he tured back into
his little form.

"Well, for now, we should bring her back to her to someone's house to recover...How
'bout you, daidoji?"Syaoran asked.Tomoyo shaked her head.She then said, "We have ether
two places we should bring Sakura.

One that's bring her to her house.However, Toya will most likely ask what happened to Sakura.
Ether that, or we could take her to your temporay apartment, Syaoran."
Syaoran blushed."I-I-I-I I think we should bring her back home.Kero, you can explain anythink to Sakura or
toya if they ask."advised
Syaoran."NANI!?!?!?!?!?!?!Talk to sakura's brother TOYA!!!????"shouted Kero."Well, it's no use hiding it.Toya
knows your not some ordinary plusie toy:he alraedy knows remeber?"Syaoran said

"Alright then, lets move out."Syaoran said."Wait, what about the play, Syaoran-kun?"asked Melin.
"Uhhh..."Syaoran said with a surprised look on his face."Er...I...I...I kinda forgot about that..."
As Syaoran said this, everyone fell down.Melin fell espically hard(pretend it's like
Inuyasha's "SIT"! at maximum)

"Well, ether way, it dosn't really matter if you think about it.Everyone
will probaly think that they had to cancel the play."Tomoyo suggested.
"okay!" everone said.Even Yue said it.

To be contiued....
sorry it's not that much!Got a question for ya:Who do you think
Reshon's "mother" is?And what did she mean by "killed" her?

Give 'ya a clue:Reshon's "mother didn't really get killed
by Sakura, or Clow Reed, but Clow Reed sure does
know her!

Have you figured it out yet?

To see if you are right, keep on looking
for new chapters that seem to have the answer!

Well, Michimo-chan signing off!See you next chapter!

Chapter 4: Recovery:part 2
(by Michimo-chan, added on 2006-05-22 04:21:46 AEST) [Discussion Topic]

"Ummm...C-c-c-c-c-Can I take Sakura back to her house?"asked Syaoran."Yeah, sure Syaoran."said Tomoyo.
In the backround, Yue went back into his temopary form.Before Yukito could see Kero, Kero quickly hid were
Syaoran was standing.

When Yukito "woke up"Yukito asked, "Err...Ops!I'm in a different place again..."Then Yukito saw the limp Sakura in
Syaoran's arms."Ah!What happened to Sakura?!Who did this?Is she okay?"He asked over and over.
"Sakura's fine, Yukito."Syaoran replied."Thank goodness!"Yukito said.

"Anyways, I'm bringing Sakura back."Syaoran said.

As Syaoran walked to Sakura's house, Kero said to Syaoran
,"Hey kid, you better keep an eye on Sakura..." "I THINK I KNOW THAT!!!"Syaoran shouted
without meaning to."I know you'er angry at Reshon, but don't be.Do you think Sakura would want to see you like this?
By the ways,I hear this Reshon said some thing aboutClow Reed didn't she?Reshon's name seems so very
familar, put I just can't remember where I heard that name!"Kero said.
"well, all we can do is carry Sakura back to her house and hope this turns out good."said Syaoran.

Else where, Reshon is wandering near one of Sakura's friend's house...

to be continued
GOMEN!!!!!Sorry all of my chapters are so short!
Just so you know, if I update some thing, I probally
justadded or deleted something from my chapters.
I do this often also to make the story more better.

Anyways, when ever I add a new chap, please read
it from start to
end from time to time
so it'll make
a little more sense!

Chapter 5: Reshon & Jessy\'s Meeting
(by Michimo-chan, added on 2007-07-30 15:41:31 AEST) [Discussion Topic]

SOO SORRY FOR BEING GONE SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 13 now and I realized that I'll do a lot better if I do this story in "script form"
So enjoy! Email me at, to tell me what I need to do to make this story improve to get better please!!
I still intend to make that new story with the story where Sakura's&Syoran's children. Oh and I finally got the whole story planned out,
so all I need to do is type it all out here! =D

Reshon: Shashi! land here!

The two landed near Jessy's house (refering to CC eng ver name). When they landed, the wind knocked off her hood reveling that she was a human/wolf with an x-mark on her right cheek, a slash on her nose, a v-slash mark on her blind left eye, wolf ears (think of Inuyasha's) replacing human ears and wolf fangs. (she has a tail too but is obscured by the cloak) Shashi had to return back into a spirit ball which became a black diamond shaped jewel on Reshon's forehead.

Reshon: Hey... Shashi? Is she really the one? I mean, that Wong Reed guy couldn't have lied to us.... Could he?
Shashi: I have no idea... Well, let's just not only do this for the mistress' sake, but for this world's sake where your mother used to reside in. Besides, he's our only lead for now about the mistress' "killer".
Reshon: But... This place is just simply weird... I know we aren't in HongKong but...
Jessy: Sigh... Time to do the chores!

*Reshon pricks her ears up and turns around to find Jessy just outside of the house with a broom*

Jessy: *turns around to find Reshon and is shocked*Umm... Who are you miss?*stares at the wolf ears*

*Jessy stares at Reshon and Reshon stares back*

Reshon (shakely but trying to not to attack her due to instinct): D-d-do you umm.... Live here?
Jessy: ..... *continues to stare at Reshon's wolf ears in awe*

Reshon: *takes a step back* Uhhhh..... Why are you looking at?
Jessy: *moves in closer to Reshon*
Reshon: H-hey! what are you tring to---

*Jessy gently tugs and pulls Reshon's wolf ears. Reshon is in shock and...laughing*

Reshon: WAHAAAAAHHHAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hey! Q-quit it!!! Hey! T-that.. That tickles!
Jessy: *stops messing around with Reshon's ears*
Reshon: *stops laughing* Ugghh... *mumble* Why didn't you tell me my hood came off Shashi?!
Shashi: =X Sorry... Ehehehehe...
Jessy(energetic& happy): You know miss, although it's strange that you have ears like those of a wolf, your ears look and feel just like Hoppy! *smiles*
Reshon: Huh? Who's Hoppy?

To be continuted...

Chapter 6: Hoppy; part 1
(by Michimo-chan, added on 2007-08-10 16:49:03 AEST) [Discussion Topic]

Please e-mail me so I know if I'm doing good or not! Oh,
and Reshon italicized means she's talking to Shashi telepathically.
Vise versa. And sorry about the short chapters...
Jessy(looking a bit saddened): Oh... Well... Hoppy was my pet and...

*Jessy stops*

Reshon: ?....Wait. Are you saying that "Hoppy" died?
Jessy: No. He ran away. But I took a picture of him so I'll always remember him.
Reshon: Ah......
Shashi: Why don't you find out who it is, Reshon old friend?
Reshon: Why?
Shashi: Knowing you, I'm sure that you'll broad over it if you don't do something and if that happens we'll never be able to find out whether what Wong Reed said was true or not.
Reshon: Ummm.. Little girl, what's your name?
Jessy: Jessy miss wolf. What's yours?
Reshon: *flinches a bit* Reshon. Plain Reshon. Anyways, I was hoping I can see that picture of Hoppy you have.
Jessy: Sure. It may have been for about 2-3 years since I last saw him but, there may still be hope. *she smiles softly*

*Jessy goes into her house and rummages her only picture of Hoppy she had* *brings it to Reshon*

Jessy: Here. Have you every seen it?
Reshon: *looks at the picture* !!! This is-----

To be contiued...

Chapter 7: Hoppy; part 2
(by Michimo-chan, added on 2007-08-11 16:12:37 AEST) [Discussion Topic]

Meh. Please tell me what's bad and good! I wanna know!!! X3 Oh yeah, I'm going to edit the first 4 chapters into script form too.
I also do NOT OWN any characters/chant (from Maze; Mega burst space) with the exception of Reshon & Shashi.
It seems to make the story a bit more interesting, I'll be putting in some English stuff in here as well as random anime "parodys".
So if you don't understand something, look at wikipedia.
Jessy(excitedly/happy): You've seen Hoppy before haven't you?!

*Reshon remains speechless*

Reshon(suprisingly): The DASH card!!!
Shashi(suprisingly): What's it doing here?!
Jessy: Well? Do you?
Reshon: I have to say that it might have not run away at all.... Jessy, umm.... Can you keep a secret?
Jessy: Of course.
Reshon: You aren't freaked out about my ears, right?
Jessy: No! Of course not! I Love them!
Reshon: You don't find it strange, then?
Jessy: Why would I?
Reshon: Then lets see if I can show you a friend of mine, and if all goes well, I can help you.
Jessy: Okay. Anything for Hoppy.
Reshon: Alright....

*Reshon's black diamond shaped jewel that contained Shashi glowed with bright lights*

Reshon: Ruru varna hai famun ra fu... I summon thy heavenly beast to fulfill our wishes.... Come, Shashi!!!

Lights shone brightly, and when the lights shimered down, Shashi could be of view.

Jessy: Wow....
Shashi: What do you think, girl?
Jessy: That was amazing....
Shashi: Hmmm... Did you by chance see any other of this "amazing" stuff?
Jessy: No this is my first time.
Shashi: Then she doesn't have any conection to the clow mistress then or just haven't seen her magic...

*Reshons looks at Shashi*

Reshon: Anyways, Shashi, can you get a bit of the DASH's--- I mean "Hoppy's" soul into a ordinary cat with the appearance of it's released form as Jessy has seen it?
Shashi: A bit risky considering that it's in the clow mistress's hands, but it can work. That is, IF the DASH, er---Hoppy is willing to return to this Jessy kid.
Reshon: Okay Jessy, we have a plan to get Hoppy back, but there is a small chance it will work. Me and Shashi, my partner, will do what we can to get Hoppy back even with the odds against us. We will call you out if it works or not.
Jessy: Oh... Okay... I didn't understand mostly of what you said, but if there's any thing I can do, especially running, I can and will do it for Hoppy.
Shashi: Actually, there is a way you can help... Give use a picture of yourself.
Jessy: Okay, but what for...?

To be continued...

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