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April 02 2005, 05:55 PM
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The heart shaped key bearer and the mysterious event
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Cardcaptor Sakura Themed Story
Chapter 5: Reshon & Jessy\'s Meeting
(by Michimo-chan, added on 2007-07-30 15:41:31 AEST) [Discussion Topic]

SOO SORRY FOR BEING GONE SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 13 now and I realized that I'll do a lot better if I do this story in "script form"
So enjoy! Email me at, to tell me what I need to do to make this story improve to get better please!!
I still intend to make that new story with the story where Sakura's&Syoran's children. Oh and I finally got the whole story planned out,
so all I need to do is type it all out here! =D

Reshon: Shashi! land here!

The two landed near Jessy's house (refering to CC eng ver name). When they landed, the wind knocked off her hood reveling that she was a human/wolf with an x-mark on her right cheek, a slash on her nose, a v-slash mark on her blind left eye, wolf ears (think of Inuyasha's) replacing human ears and wolf fangs. (she has a tail too but is obscured by the cloak) Shashi had to return back into a spirit ball which became a black diamond shaped jewel on Reshon's forehead.

Reshon: Hey... Shashi? Is she really the one? I mean, that Wong Reed guy couldn't have lied to us.... Could he?
Shashi: I have no idea... Well, let's just not only do this for the mistress' sake, but for this world's sake where your mother used to reside in. Besides, he's our only lead for now about the mistress' "killer".
Reshon: But... This place is just simply weird... I know we aren't in HongKong but...
Jessy: Sigh... Time to do the chores!

*Reshon pricks her ears up and turns around to find Jessy just outside of the house with a broom*

Jessy: *turns around to find Reshon and is shocked*Umm... Who are you miss?*stares at the wolf ears*

*Jessy stares at Reshon and Reshon stares back*

Reshon (shakely but trying to not to attack her due to instinct): D-d-do you umm.... Live here?
Jessy: ..... *continues to stare at Reshon's wolf ears in awe*

Reshon: *takes a step back* Uhhhh..... Why are you looking at?
Jessy: *moves in closer to Reshon*
Reshon: H-hey! what are you tring to---

*Jessy gently tugs and pulls Reshon's wolf ears. Reshon is in shock and...laughing*

Reshon: WAHAAAAAHHHAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hey! Q-quit it!!! Hey! T-that.. That tickles!
Jessy: *stops messing around with Reshon's ears*
Reshon: *stops laughing* Ugghh... *mumble* Why didn't you tell me my hood came off Shashi?!
Shashi: =X Sorry... Ehehehehe...
Jessy(energetic& happy): You know miss, although it's strange that you have ears like those of a wolf, your ears look and feel just like Hoppy! *smiles*
Reshon: Huh? Who's Hoppy?

To be continuted...
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