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April 02 2005, 05:55 PM
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The heart shaped key bearer and the mysterious event
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Cardcaptor Sakura Themed Story
Chapter 2: Another enemy
(by Michimo-chan, added on 2006-03-29 15:36:07 AEST) [Discussion Topic]

"Watch out, Sakura!"Syaoran said.Even though Shashi went pass Syaoran,
Syaoran was able to get in Shashi's way.Shashi came at (Shashi thinking it was Sakura) and bit him on the arm."Aghh!!!"shouted Syaoran"SYAORAN!!!!"
Blood was seeping out of his arm."Syaoran, are you ok?"Sakura asked as she came running to him.
"Yeah, I'm ok."repiled Syaoran."Syaoran took the hit for me..."Sakura whispered.Sakura then
shouted,"How could you!"Sakura tried to reson with Reshon.Syaoran got up staggering towards Reshon and
Syaoran said,"We never did anything to you!Why are you attacking us?!""Hmmmm...."Reshon
thought for a moment.She thought,"Why should I tell them of how my revenge is directed to Sakura,
the renicarnation of Clow Reed?"
"You should know!"Reshon shouted."But how will we say gomen to you
if you won't tell us what we did wrong!Come on!"Syaoran said.

This is where Reshon got ticked off.She took out a golden heart that
rested on a golden chain.She recited words so very low,that Sakura & Syaoran couldn't hear.She then
said,"Unlock the seal!"A magic circle had a heart in the middle.It had strange markings on
it as well.There was a big light,and in the middle of the bright light,there was a
staff.It was very differnt, yet similar from Sakura's staff.Reshon's staff had a big red heart on the top of the staff.The heart
had silver wings on both sides of the heart.On the top of the heart,was a sort of golden crown.The heart
it self was resting on a topaz looking like a diamond's "cone" has been cut off.Right below the topaz, there
was a six sided star that was see through(and was in a possion just like Sakura\'s star).The staff's long part was saffire
and ruby colored-like.On the bottom of the staff,there was a real diomond shined,cut,and polished.

"It's time to get a little tougher..."Reshon said to Shashi.Shaishi nodded.Reshon then said a couple of more words.After she finshed,
Shashi dissappeared seemingly into the staff.The staff\'s wings then turned fire-like apone Shashi's enter.
Reshon recited more words.Seconds after, a combonation of fire ,ice,and lighting came
shooting out of the crown of the staff.Unfortunally,Syaoran was still too tierd from the battle of the now
named "Hope card".To make matters worse,he got bitten by Shashi.Syaoran couldn't move for the time being.
All he could do was kneel down."NOOOO!!SYAORAN!!!"Sakura shouted.Sakura knew that he couldn't move.Sakura was lucky that her staff
was still out.She took the shield card and summoned
it to protect Syaoran.I mean,after all,Sakura loves Syaoran.\\\"SHIELD!\\\"Sakura called out.

"Not good 'nuff!!"Reshon said,with a smirk on her face.Sakura relized that she was right.She could see
that the shield was losing power.Sakura quickly ran over though shield and stood protectivly over Syaoran.
She was just in time,for the shield broke as soon as she came to Syaoran."AHHHHHHHHGGG!!"Syaoran didn't realize
what happened to Sakura intil he heard her cry in pain as the shot ment to hurt him, hurt Sakura instead.
"SAKURAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Syaoran shouted.He ran to her, ingnoring the pain that burned in his arm.
"Sakura!Sakura!Are you okay?!"Syaoran said, holding her in his arms."Her injuries are bader than mine...And she's barly breathing...."
Syaoran said to himself
Syaoran stood up and glared a death glare at Reshon.\\\"You.........\\\"

All of a sudden she looked up at the sky,as if looking at a new enemy.At the same time she looked up at the
sky,and at that time, Ceroberus' voice, along with the others' voices,rang out(for Yue and Ceroberus were able to sense that Sakura
was in troble)."Awww...Time to go already?"Reshon said
"What did you say?!?!"Syaoran said.Shashi appeared again as soon as the staff dissapered.
"Well you're lucky.Your friend,Ceroberus is it not?"said Shashi
"Come on Shashi,lets go befor they appear."Reshon said.Reshon climbed appon Shashi and they flew away.
"Wait!How do you know about Ceroberus?!"Syaoran shouted.Syaoran tried to hit both Reshon and Shashi with his sword, but it was too late.
Syaoran couldn't hit them."grrrrr....."Syaoran said, angry that he couldn't hit them.Syaoran then went over to Sakura."They'll pay for this.....They'll pay for what they did to Sakura.."
He had to save Sakura.He was about to carry Sakura,but he didn't have to.Ceroberus,Yue,Tomoyo and Melin show up.
"What happened?!?!"They all shouted when they saw Sakura unconsius.

Well there you have it.The second chapter!Hoped you injoyed it!

Once again,don't sew me,I'm just a little 12 year old kid that acts like a 6 year old...
*Goes down on knees*PLEASE I BEG OF YOU!!!!!*looks at you you with puppy-dog-eyes and whines*
Well,see you next chapter!
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