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Re: Movies at the Cinema
« Reply #20 on: August 24 2006, 07:06 pm »
POTC is the best movie I've watched... :noteworthy:The curse of the black pearl is hilarious. I saw Deadman's chest 2 weeks ago and I was a bit dissapointed...I think movie is too much long and storyline is confusing. Besides, jokes in excess make us feeling a bit bored... :dodge:

Yes, I'm criticising too much(I can't believe I were telling this, but it's true :sweatdrop:), but people has always told that "second parts never were good".

I think the best point of all story is Johnny Depp, he's great. :inlove:

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Re: Movies at the Cinema
« Reply #21 on: August 27 2006, 03:37 am »
I,I think that "Dead man's chest" was better than "The curse of the black pearl".I like the scene that I call " Big wheel".I also like Jack ,Will and Davy Jones.Jack is so funny,cool.Will is cute ,and Davy Jones..Well...He's impressive.So,I don't agree with you!

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