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Chapter 233 the end
« on: October 06 2009, 10:39 am »
So here is the end end of Tsubasa, good 6 years.... actually I knew TRC since 2005 thanks to the anime, but I love this series It was good (As all CLAMP's works) I hop after this X will continue.... enjoy the last one. I loved to post every new chapter + translation in here.

Scans by Raw-Paradise

Translations by starlady38

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Is it really the endo of the journey??????

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Re: Chapter 233 the end
« Reply #1 on: October 25 2009, 03:01 am »
I didn't really like the end... =/ I'm upset that CLAMP gave no explanation why Seishirou was hunting the vampire twins... why Subaru gave him his blood... it seemed like an important plot element, yet they just completely left it out.

Regardless of that, I guess the ending is OK. Don't like how Syaoran and Sakura are still apart in the end though. T.T