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« on: September 12 2006, 03:52 am »
anyone else watching this really crazy/funny anime? XD

download here:

spoilers for ep 1:
Show content
- a girl that looks like Arf's sister (it's the dogtail!)
- the guy has Watanuki's voice and acts a bit like him and ditches her to go date other girls
- she pursues him, catches him on the street and as punishment steals all his clothes
- he gets arrested for walking naked on the street and is thrown in jail together with a big muscular guy that is wearing a.....bikini?!

what kind of crazy anime is this?! XD
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Re: Inukami!
« Reply #1 on: September 13 2006, 01:11 pm »
Its an echi anime with its own very unique way of humor.  I've seen few episode but didn't finish it.  The anime is still ongoing but will end within this month