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April 02 2005, 05:55 PM
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Tsubasa Resivoir Chronicle Tokyo revelations
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Chapter 1: Ch.1 The new journey
(by L solstice, added on 2009-03-22 23:22:36 AEST) [Discussion Topic]

After leaving the desolated Tokyo they now are at a new world.
Syaoran(real): What world is this?
Mokana: Look a castle castle castle!
Kurogane: Energetic as usual. Thats annoying to.
Sakura:*holding a necklace*. Back in tao country She and syaoran took a picture and sakura is holding onto it.
Syaoran(real)............... Sakura.... you miss him?
Kurogane : I don't He starts attacking us almost killed me ate Fais left eye and attacked you and this kid. Fai : and lets not forget your little journey that almost killed you!
Sakura: Lets go to the castle!!! They run off Fai: Excuse me but where are we? Soldier: In rune country! Becareful at night! Things come out at
night and kill you. Mokona:scary! Syaoran(real): Is there a feather here by any chance? Soldier: Well there was but a guy similar to you came!
Sakura: *covers face and cries* Fai: He is still out their... with my eye.... Mokona: no more sadness lets go inside and have some fun! They go inside and Sakura is still upset
Syaoran(real): Sakura do I remind you of him? Sakura: Yes that hurts more! Syaoran(real):Well I am the real one and I lived through his right eye I did everything you guys did so in a way I am him just a little
different so please don't do this to yourself. Sakura: okay thanks syaoran!!! Now at the dining hall Mokona eats mostly everything. Kurogane: Darn it furball save some food for us!!!! Mokona: Never!!! now everybody is
laughing and having fun. Now somewhere it shows someone with a red and blue eye and its Syaoran. Syaoran(Clone): More feathers I will get them all!*goes to a new world*. Now at nighttime everyone is asleep except
Syaoran and Sakura. Sakura:Hey in his right eye did you remember the steal trick? He nods Sakura : *giggles* lets go get more desert! they sneek downstairs and they take food but then they see the king . Syaoran(real) what?
Sakura: A feather! They run upstairs. Sakura: Fai,Kurogane!!! Fai: We know!... the feather...... Kurogane: Tomorrow we get it back! Mokona: For sure..... {?} Can we help? Kamui and Subaru come [Sakura] Guys ! [Subaru] For now on we will
be on your team!
This was my first so please dont make fun of it or Tease it

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