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CCS Fanfiction
« on: May 13 2007, 10:15 am »
This is like a fraction of the story which I started like two years ago, so it's a bit out of date and the setup is really awkward, basically it's a text wall, with occasional semi-paragraphing. Anyway, the end of the story won't make sense since it's explained in the next part, but I actually haven't gotten around to writing it yet, since I keep getting distracted and as I've titled myself, I am a procrastinator, a big one at that. News is, I've started the continuation already, but it takes me forever to become satisfied with a certain piece, so I've basically been writing the next short for about a year or so already, and haven't come close to finishing. But, I suppose it takes time, and a little more dedication on my part, so for now, I hope you enjoy my first short.

Oh, and if you actually understand what the last sentence is about, I'll give you a cookie. Because as of yet, no one gets it, which is probably due to my lack of writing skill, but I'm still remaining hopeful. Happy reading.