AuthorTopic: Lyrical Nanoha English Dub - First Impressions  (Read 24146 times)

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Lyrical Nanoha English Dub - First Impressions
« on: December 03 2008, 09:56 pm »
Quick Teaser: Nanoha's First Battle, Episode 2 (*at the end).

Voices: Nanoha's irks me a little, and Yunno's seems to deep for a ~10 year old.

My biggest complaint, they had to use 'Raging Heart' didn't they, when the devices name is 'Raising Heart'.

Will reserve full judgment untill I get the box-set.

Which should be soon, I've been charged for my pre-order, and my Amazon status for the order reads processing for shipping, so hopefully in a couple of weeks I should have it.
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