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Ki Ni Naru Aitsu - Guitar Hero 3 Custom
« on: April 06 2008, 04:34 pm »
Since it was Sakura's birthday, and since this section is almost dead empty, I decided to throw something together in celebration of the series. I know I'm 5 days late, but SHH. I still love Sakura. <3

Everyone knows Ki Ni Naru Aitsu. It was one of the best parts of the anime. And it had guitars! So of course, that means eventually a fan would need to put it in GUITAR HERO! While I know the marriage of Ki Ni Naru Aitsu and Guitar Hero isn't the most... fitting, it's still fun and awesome. Binding my love for gaming and my love for anime is one of my hobbies, and this is simply the result.

The chart still isn't complete yet. I'm still looking for actual guitar tabs so I won't have to do the entire thing by ear, and that way it'd be more realistic. Even still, the song is pretty easy, just a lot of alternating chords and whatnot. In the video, it's kinda hard to hear the guitars, so I'm planning to do a replay with the vocals turned down a couple notches so you can see the notes match up with the guitars in the background.

If you want to use this chart in your game, you MUST have Guitar Hero 3 for PC (it can be purchased at any major game retailer and comes with a Gibson Les Paul guitar). The process of importing songs into the game is also a tad bit confusing.

Also, if you're wondering, I CAN play this song perfectly without missing a single note. The reason why you don't see me doing so in this video is because of the tool I used to record the video, called FRAPS, which takes up a lot of system resources and slows down the game a lot. The notes become off-sync with the music, and the game begins to stutter. Under those circumstances, the timing gets messed up, so it's nigh impossible to do the song perfectly.

Anyways, that's it. Enjoy, and happy birthday Sakura!
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