AuthorTopic: The Post Thread X (AKA The Meaningless Thread)  (Read 835256 times)

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Re: The Post Thread X (AKA The Meaningless Thread)
« Reply #600 on: September 12 2013, 01:15 pm »
After I tried to log in to MSN earlier today for nostalgia's sake and became the world's last person to find out about its demise, I naturally went to my other favorite service of old to check up and say hi.

I'm sorry you seem to be keeping solitary vigil, Arcademan, but I'm glad to see Vex alive and about, if only briefly. c:

Something about this post as a whole is depressing and I'm sorry about it. :l Look at this cute little guy, though!

Quoted for niceness and it's good to hear from you once again :)

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