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one suggestion..
« on: April 03 2005, 04:13 am »
umm well i dunno if other ppl think of this but i do.. it's just that how u have newer posts on top of the topics.. at first wen i read of them.. it was really confusing.. so i'm just saying that it would probably b easier if you changed how the newer posts are. you should put then at the end of the topic. that's basically all i find that should b changed but it's all up to you guys..
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Re: one suggestion..
« Reply #1 on: April 03 2005, 04:38 am »
I understand. That has been quite a problem ever since I opened up this forum. I already changed the forum settings and the default now is the way you want to see the posts which is oldest posts first.

Actually, you can change this setting for your own account in your Profile page.
Go to Profile > Look and Layout Preferences
then uncheck the box next to "Show most recent posts at the top."

Thanks for the suggestion! :)