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My AMV's
« on: January 21 2007, 11:37 am »
One of my newest hobbies in the last month has been making amv's ^_^ So far I've made 3; all CCS. Please comment if you watch them, and give contructed criticism if need be.

This is my first amv. Title: Ain't Nothin' 'Bout You by Brooks and Dunn. S&S My goal for this video was to show who Syaoran went from hating Sakura to falling in love with her. So far, this one gets the most compliments.

This video is my second amv. The song is: Way Away by Yellowcard. Syaoran-centered <3 I include Sakura in some clips, but I make her out to be the bad guy in the video. My goal for this video was to show the struggles Syaoran has to go through just to make it through the day. This doesn't get that many compliments, but so far, it's my favorite video, and I'm quite proud of it.

My most recent video. The song: Life Ain't Always Beautiful by Gary Allan. In this video I'm showing the struggles Sakura and Syaoran go through in their relationship.

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