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Combination by Sei Leeza
« on: August 19 2006, 05:16 am »
I'd heard a little about this series, and I recently found some translations of it, and thought I'd share it with you lot. ^_^ 'Combination' is a six-volume very (non-graphic) yaoi manga by Sei Leeza, a former member of CLAMP. The first two volumes were, in fact, first printed under the CLAMP label before Sei Leeza left CLAMP for her solo career and finished the next four volumes. (All later printings of the first two volumes have Sei Leeza's name on it.) It's a pretty fun read.

The series is CLAMP's version of Fake revolves around the relationship between Shigemitsu Hashiba and Keiji Sasaki, two partner detectives in the Tokyo Police Department.

Hashiba (26 years old) is Seishirou's long-lost twin brother a reckless joker who has no family and is an extreme loner in many ways. While he doesn't often show it, he is incredibly skilled at fighting. (Of course. xd) His recklessness and skill has him labeled the most dangerous man on the force. He tells Sasaki that he wants to die before Sasaki does, since he has no one to protect and Sasaki does.

Sasaki (22) is a newbie detective and the son of the Commissioner. He graduated with a medical degree from CLAMP Gakuen (Yes, CLAMP Gakuen from CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan, etc). He is a very cold man generally who takes little interest in other people, but strangely finds himself interested in Hashiba.

Sasaki's biggest weakness (and strength) is his roommate and... *coughcough* 'special friend' *coughcough* Tsuzuku Imonoyama, second son of the Imonoyama Zaibatsu and one of Nokoru's (from CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan) three older brothers. (I wonder if the other two are gay too.) Tsuzuku is a computer genius and runs the computer department for the Imonoyama Zaibatsu. He also writes porn. I wonder if it's gay or straight. xd

(Nokoru's two other older brothers, Hajime and Owaru, also also show up in Combination along with their sister Shuuko. From my understanding, when Sei Leeza split from CLAMP, they came to an agreement that both would have the right to use the names CLAMP Gakuen and Imonoyama, but to avoid copyright issues, Sei Leeza would have the right to use Nokoru's siblings (and wouldn't use Nokoru) and CLAMP would have the right to use Nokoru (but not his siblings).

The 'Obsession' scanlation group is currently scanlating Combination, and they have completed the first volume and about 2/3 of the second volume.
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Re: Combination by Sei Leeza
« Reply #1 on: August 21 2006, 03:49 am »
I have the first press version of volume 1 & 2.  Its cover designed by Ohkawa and colored by mokona.

Yes.... Its very entertaining to read because of the setting ( same world with clamp campus detective).  actually that the very reason why i read this manga in  the first place...