AuthorTopic: Miyasaki's Movies! Which is your favorite?  (Read 13953 times)

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Re: Miyasaki's Movies! Which is your favorite?
« Reply #20 on: July 25 2006, 12:28 pm »
Yeah. One thing I did like in the movie was Howl
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permanently transforming into the bird-thing
(though they kinda just left it hanging. That's one reason I don't like that movie particulary - way too many loose threads in the end), however, I didn't like Howl the leastest; he was such a shadow of his true self. Kind and polite without the sarcasm and sympathy-fishing. The Real Howl would have been offended, I'm sure. The worst was the Witch of the Waste, though. Talk about ruining the climax!

True, they did ruined the Witch of the Waste, the plot in the book was much clever and funny...though I still love deeply the movie!!!  :D

Basically, it's a story about two siblings and their fight for survival during World War II. People say it's one of the saddest movies ever.

Yeah, I've heard that to. One of the anime that makes people feel sad...maybe I'll have to watch it with some kleenex along side me... :hehe:

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