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Title: Kinki Kids
Post by: Mina on June 16 2006, 10:56 am
Does anyone know this duo? Kinki Kids concists of Tsuyoshi Domoto and Koichi Domoto (they are not related, even though they have same last name). If anyone has seen older versions of TV drama (and movie) of Kindaichi using real people.... Tsuyoshi plays Kindaichi in them.

I rediscovered them recently after forgetting the group name for a quite a while... my favorite of theirs is "Boku no senakaniha hane ga aru" (There are wings on my back)

anyone else like them?
Title: Re: Kinki Kids
Post by: sanlyn on June 17 2006, 03:41 am
Count me in... I like their drama and songs.  They are not related by blood but they both from Kansai.  My favorite song is anniversary.  its in their H album.  They use alphabet in naming their albums so in case they have a new one it will be I album.
For drama i like summer snow.  the story is very touching.
Koichi will have his new solo single in July.  He sang the theme song for Jyu-oh-sei "Deep in your heart".  He is also the voice actor for the main character (Thor).
Title: Re: Kinki Kids
Post by: Mina on June 17 2006, 09:16 am
I've never heard their solos... maybe I should look for them.

I can't believe they had Guinness World Record for having most signles debute at #1.... at least 21.... or is it 22 now?
Title: Re: Kinki Kids
Post by: Pikari on June 17 2006, 09:53 am
I have a few of their songs, the G album, I think. They're one of the few boy-pop Japanese bands/groups I used to actually listen to. ^^;; Their "Another Christmas" song always got me addicted around Christmas-time, and another one, "Hakka Candy" (or something) that I always liked. Haven't listened to them in months, though...