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April 02 2005, 05:55 PM
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Love secrets
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Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Themed Story
Chapter 1: The Future
(by celine, added on 2010-09-09 14:46:25 AEST) [Discussion Topic]

I do not own clamp. It’s so sad...
This story has crossovers with D.N Angel, and code geass. The pairings for my story is SyaoranXSakura, KamuiXFai, LelouchXSuzaku and DarkXKrad.

France, Paris there were, two young blonds in the D.Flourite family. Their names were Krad and Fai. Though the D.Flourite was rich Krad and Fai was living with no parents. Ten years ago their parents died in a car crash. Their wealth and house went to their two sons.

Krad loves to paint and play the piano but Fai loves to play the violin. Krad and Fai are immortals. Krad stopped ageing when he was 15 and Fai stopped ageing when he was 16. Both of them had their careers, Krad was a famous pianist and Fai was a romance author. It was night, when the two boys were at home they were relaxing in the living room.

Krad: Fai, I was hoping that Sakura and Suzaku our cousins could live with us?
Fai: sure they can live with us.
Krad: It’s horrible to live with parents who are abusive
Fai: I think the whole concept of marriage is to love your partner and your children
Krad: I agree on that Fai

(Next day)

Krad was in a concert. Fai was in a interview about his latest novel. After a whole day, of work Krad came home wanting to talk to Fai but Fai was not home. Krad was really worried about Fai, it was around 12 midnight. Krad was painting when the front door opened Krad heard voices, so he came outside of his room to find Fai, Sakura and Suzaku. Fai brought Sakura and Suzaku in a separate room and came outside to talk to Krad.

Fai: Krad I’m sorry for not calling you to tell l was late.
Krad: that’s fine, but why is Sakura and Suzaku here I thought they weren’t coming till next week.
Fai: something bad happened. Their dad beat them up and he ran away
Krad: their mum must have run away with her ex-boyfriend
Fai: I think it’s best for them to stay with us
Krad: Do they want to tell the police
Fai: Sakura and Suzaku do not wish to the police to interfere
Krad and Fai went over to check on Suzaku and Sakura.
Krad: Sakura and Suzaku we were hoping you stay with us if that ‘s ok with you?
Sakura: ok we have no one to go to
Fai: that’s ok we are family you and Suzaku can live with us
Suzaku: Thank you for your help

I will upload the next chapter soon... Please review, this is my first story writing in fanfic

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