Syaoran Li
Name Meaning: Little Wolf
Age: 10
Birthday: July 13
Blood Type: O
> Subject: Math and P.E.
> Food: Dim sum, Chocolate
> Color: Green
> Flower: Peony
> Food: Konnyaku
> Subject: Japanese
Other Names: Xiao lang, Shaoran, Showron Lee, Lionel
> Characters: Touya, Kero, Eriol, Mizuki, and Meilin (she annoys him)
Object he wants: Clow Book
Love Interest: Sakura!
Syaoran Li came from the Li clan in Hong Kong. He is a descendant of the magician, Clow Reed. He went to Tomoeda in Japan to collect all the Clow cards.

He uses a sword in fighting the cards. He also uses ofuda papers to call powers from wind, fire, water and lightning.

He wears a green Chinese battle costume with a cap while fighting throughout the series.

Then he met Sakura who was also capturing the cards. He treated her as his big rival with the Clow cards and also unexplicably with Yukito. At first, he doesn't name Sakura directly but only used words like 'you' or sometimes 'stupid'.

Eventually, he learns to accept Sakura as a cardcaptor and became her friend. Sakura was the only non-relative girl that he called through her first name.

Syaoran was always serious and cold to most people but because of some unexpected happenings in his life. But still he became a very gentle and kind person especially to Sakura.