Welcome to Cardcaptors Syaoran and Sakura

This is version 5 of the ultimate CCS and S+S fansite and we call this the "Syaoran Special", dedicated to his birthday this July 13.
This will last until late-October this year so again you have plenty of time to enjoy this layout.

If you're planning to ask why there's only Syaoran here when its an S+S fansite, well there's a reason why it's called a "special", right? Sakura Special is over so it's Syaoran's turn now to have a special! ^_~

And again (I think we've said this a hundred times already), we don't own Cardcaptor Sakura or even Cardcaptors so we can't do anything to get it back on air. (Sorry!) We're just fans like you who out of sheer fun made a fansite for the anime (CCS not Cardcaptors). *phew*

Anyway, we've decided that CCS&S will just have one update per version. I think this is better since we'll have more time to make meaningful updates with matching new layouts so you'll never be bored. ^_^

There are some new stuff to see so check them out now! Just click on the words on the right side to get to the pages, ok?

So we hope you like this version and the new stuff also and well, please do come back again for the next version on October. Bye for now!

Little Wolf (Head webmaster)
Tsubasa Dream Team
13 July 2004

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