E-mail Us

Please e-mail your questions and suggestions at this address: sakura~at~syaoran-dot-net



First, don't ask us questions about the story of CCS or any other anime/manga (for that matter). Sorry but we don't have the time to answer questions like these anymore. We got a lot of repeat questions before. It is really tiring to answer the same questions all over again. We'll be having the message boards up soon so watch out for that.

Second, we don't have the money to give away albums or episodes so please don't ask for those.

Third, we're not looking for penpals. Little Wolf answers most of the e-mails and he has barely enough time for the sites without penpals.

And lastly, we don't entertain personal questions.

Thanks for your understanding.

But actually, there's one other way you can keep in contact with us and that is through YM. But then we will only accept friends, affiliates and siblings in our list so if you belong in any of these then just ask us for our ID. ^_^