Affiliates (in alphabetical order)
Cardcaptor Sakura: Blooming Days! *NEW
CardCaptor Studio
Cardcaptors Cosmos *NEW
Destined Love
Diamond Tears
Sakura Dreams *NEW
Currently none.
Becoming an Affiliate
Status: Accepting
Please read the following requirements first before applying.
1. We will only accept sites about anime and/or manga.
2. You must make your own layout.
3. You should have something original and no stolen content. Please put credit where credit is due. There should be no illegal content as well.
4. You should not force visitors to vote for your site in the topsites.
6. Your site should not have or even link to anything inappropriate to young people.
7. No minimum hits required. The only thing important is you and the site itself. You just have to be a really nice person with a really nice site.
If you passed the test, e-mail us with the following info:
Your Nick/Name:
Your Site's Name:
Your Site's Address:
What is unique on your site?
Why do you want to be our affiliate?
Your YM id (if any):
Please be sure that you email us with complete information. Since you are the one who is applying then do not ask to become a sibling. We will decide on that.
Write "Applying to be an Affiliate" as your e-mail's subject.
All who get accepted will receive a reply within a week (either by e-mail or IM). We don't have the courage to write rejection letters so please forgive us if you don't get in. But you can always apply again after you've improved your site.
Affiliates and siblings will be linked on this page and on our guestbook.