About this Site (a brief history of CCS&S)

"Cardcaptors Syaoran and Sakura" is a fan site for the popular anime 'Cardcaptor Sakura'. But this site focuses on the relationship of the two leading characters of the series, Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li.

This site started out in a free webhost called Anycities back in October of 2002. We had a lot of problems managing our site while we were hosted there and we even came to the point when we had to split up our site's pages on two different servers. Some of our pages were located at Anycities while the others were at Topcities (another host). We didn't think our site could last in that kind of situation so we also thought to just give up with it. Anyway, we were really newbies at that time. We didn't even know HTML till we started making CCS&S.

Then we started dreaming of having our own address and a better host for our site. It was just a 'dream'. We didn't think it was possible. Why? Because we don't have credit cards to pay for hosting! So we just dreamed and we also started thinking of names for our own address although we knew it wouldn't come true. And so we continued dreaming and dreaming and dreaming and...stopped!

Little Wolf had an idea! He wondered if there are also webhosts in our own country. So we searched for webhosts in the Philippines and we found a lot of them. After carefully choosing which one is the best for our site, we applied and the rest as they say is history.

We registered the domain name last December 21, 2002 and it was New Year's Eve when we opened the site to the public. We were hosted by Mobilehive Web Services at that time.

CCS&S is being a managed by a group. Mokona joined us last April 2003. We just thought that it would be easier if we have a group name so we came up with The Tsubasa Dream Team. ^_^

We decided to keep the domain name for another year so we renewed cardcaptors-syaoranandsakura.com's registration. Later, we transferred the hosting of CSS&S to MarvinsWeb to have more bandwidth in the site.

After one year of being online, we suddenly had decided to shut down CCS&S for several private reasons. The site went offline last February 2004. Many of the big CCS sites had then decided to also close during that time. Cardcaptor Sakura's popularity slid down to a very low point because of this.

On March 2004, Sakura Unlimited announced its closing and the return of CCS&S in April. And on April 1-2 of 2004, CCS&S re-opened to the public after almost two months of closing to finally celebrate a late first year anniversary through version IV: Sakura Special. It was also a version dedicated to Sakura's birthday.

On July 13, 2004, CCS&S was released with version 5.0 ~ [Syaoran Special] which is what you are seeing now...

This page will also tell you how we make this site. These are the softwares we use.

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004
Macromedia Flash MX (was used in version 2)
Adobe Photoshop CS with Image Ready CS

And that's about it! So now you know our story...